Valley Fever Workshop

     Jan 12-13, 2012, Tucson AZ

     Valley Fever and Airborne Dust Forecasts and Simulations


  • Valley Fever (coccidioidomycosis) and Geology

      Mark Bultman
      USGS, Tucson, Arizona
  • Climate & Coccidioidomycosis

      Andrew C. Comrie
      University of Arizona, Geography & Development,
      Atmospheric Sciences, Public Health
  • Dust and Valley Fever Work in New Mexico

      Dave DuBois,
      NM State Climatologist, NMSU
      Katharine Perez-Lockett,
      BIDS/EWIDS Surveillance Officer
      Paul Dulin, Director,
      Office of Border Health
  • Arthroconidia Coccidioides immitis: A Habitat Overview

      Frederick S. Fisher
      University of Arizona
  • CDC Environmental Health Tracking

      Len Flowers
      National Center for Environmental Health
  • 2010 Valley Fever Cases

      John Galgiani
      Valley Fever Center of Excellence, University of Arizona
  • High Resolution Identification of Dust Sources Using Machine Learning and Remote

      David J. Lary
      University of Texas at Dallas
      Annette Walker,
      Naval Research Laboratory
  • Arizona Department of Environmental Quality’s Role in Dust Prevention, Forecasting, and Analysis

      Bryan C. Paris
      Air Assessment Section, Air Quality Division
      Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
  • Remote Sensing of Dust Storms, Dust Sources, and surface Characteristics Associated with Cocci Prevalence

      Anup K Prasad
      School of Earth and Environmental Sciences
      Chapman University, Orange, CA 92866
  • Airborne Dust Models: a Tool in Environmental Health Tracking

      Bill Sprigg , Menas Kafatos, Anup Prasad [Chapman U.]
      John Galgiani [UA]
      Ana Vukovic, Mirjam Vujadinovic [U. Belgrade]
      Goran Pejanovic [East European Virtual Climate Center]
      Slobodan Nickovic [WMO]
  • Predicting Airborne Desert Dust

      William A. Sprigg
      Chapman University
  • Current Practices and Thinking about Coccidioidomycosis Surveillance and Epidemiology

      Clarisse Tsang, MPH
      Acting Program Manager/Epidemiologist
      Infectious Disease Epidemiology